Invited Speakers: Ian Gotlib (Stanford University), Laura Kubzansky (Harvard University), Anil Sood (MD Anderson Cancer Center), Michael Snyder (Stanford University), Janine Simmons (NIMH), Paige Green (NCI), and Lisa Onken (NIA)

Flash Talk Deadline: Friday, February 24th, 2017. Submit today! (details below)

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Overview: The development of new tools for measuring the activity of neural and peripheral systems in the human body is beginning to revolutionize research on psychosocial processes and health. Whereas studies on social, psychological, and affective processes were once limited to one or two levels of analysis, research is now beginning to integrate across multiple levels to elucidate the full set of neural, physiologic, immunologic, molecular, genetic, and genomic mechanisms linking social-environmental experiences with human health and behavior. These studies have the ability to inform the development of new theories on important topics, but numerous challenges also exist.

This meeting will explore these opportunities and challenges by bringing together some of the brightest minds in integrated, multi-level research today. The meeting will include invited talks on cutting-edge approaches to studying mental health, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and aging, given by several renowned investigators including Drs. Ian Gotlib (Stanford University), Laura Kubzansky (Harvard University), and Anil Sood (MD Anderson Cancer Center). A pioneer in integrated, multi-level research, Dr. Michael Snyder (Stanford University), will describe the relevance of this work for "precision health," and NIH program officers including Janine Simmons (NIMH), Paige Green (NCI), and Lisa Onken (NIA) will discuss current and future NIH funding priorities on these topics. Finally, a selection of flash talks (described below) will be presented.

Flash Talks: Attendees who are interested in presenting a 10-minute Flash Talk should register for the pre-conference and then submit an abstract describing a new idea, important observation, theoretical model, or empirical finding. Abstracts will be carefully reviewed and a selection of presentations from faculty investigators, post-doctoral trainees, and graduate students will be included in the program. To have a presentation idea considered for inclusion, send a PDF that contains a brief title, authorship details, institutional information, and 250-word (max) abstract to Up to four of the best trainee presentations will be designated Citation Award Winners by the programming committee. Flash Talk Submission Deadline: Friday, February 24th, 2017.

Meeting Organizers: George Slavich & Michael Irwin, UCLA

Additional Information & Questions to: Dr. George Slavich,

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