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International Lab to Lab Exchange

Announcing the first annual Health and Behavior International Collaborative Research Award! This grant for $3,000 can be used by trainees (graduate students, medical students, post-docs, etc.) to visit an international laboratory or research group. Applications are due March 30, 2017. See applications here.

The American Psychosomatic Society 2017 Annual Meeting will include a Roundtable lunch introducing the Lab to Lab Exchange Initiative. This Roundtable, on March 16, will provide an opportunity for trainees and mentors to discuss exchanges between laboratories for the purposes of training.  Researchers from previous lab exchanges (Sarah Garfinkel, PhD; Urs Nater, PhD; Cristina Ottaviani, PhD; Nic Rohleder, PhD;  and Roland von Känel, MD) will serve as discussants at small table discussions.  

APS will also serve as an information clearinghouse, disseminating information at the annual meeting and on the website on existing funding programs for exchanges through federal granting agencies, research organizations and private foundations. Click here for funding information.

For additional networking information for 1) lab investigators (mentors who would like to have more trainees in their labs in the future, or have prior experience teaching international trainees), and 2) lab trainees (who have made these exchanges work in the recent past or would like to go on an exchange), please email

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