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  Title Released
  M. D. Anderson Study Shows Very Much Or Very Little Knowledge Improves Quality Of Life In Ovarian Cancer Patients 03/16/02
  Study Finds that Background Stress Influences Hormonal Responses to Rest and Exam Periods in Medical Students 03/16/02
  Comprehensive Psychosocial Evaluation Appears to Predict Individuals at Risk for Increased Medical Morbidity After Cardiac Transplant 03/16/02
  Study Shows That Achieving Successful IVF-Pregnancy Could Be Mind Over Matter 03/16/02
  Swedish Study Shows That Stress During Pregnancy Increases The Risk For High Blood Pressure 03/16/02
  Anxious Traits Linked To Myocardial Infarction In Men 03/16/02
  Study Describes "Red Flags" That Identify Internet Sites Providing Medical Misinformation About Cancer 03/16/02
  University Of Miami Study Shows Benefit Of Group Therapy For Women With Aids 03/16/02
  Researchers Link Depression In HIV Infection To Conflicting Social Relationships 03/16/02
  Brain Imaging Study Shows Right Hemispheric Dysfunction In People With Emotional Blunting 03/16/02
  Making Audiotape Of Cancer Treatment Consultation Improves Women's Information Recall And Psychological Well-Being 03/16/02
  Study Shows That Stressed-Out People May Be Less Protected Against Disease Following Vaccination 03/16/02
  Hormone Replacement Therapy Doesn't Make You Happy 03/16/02
  The Contribution Of Mind And Body To The Pain Of Fibromyalgia 03/16/02
  Novel Group Intervention Can Lead To Better Heart Perfusion In Patients With Coronary Heart Disease 03/16/02
  Learning Lessons From A Mice Model In The Field Of Stress Triggered Spontaneous Abortions 03/15/02
  Family Conflict Aggravates Chemotherapy-Related Nausea Among Young Adult Patients 03/15/02
  Stress, Emotion And Speed Of Wound Healing 03/15/02
  Study Shows Breast Cancer Patients Live Longer When In Satisfying Marriages Or Long Term Relationships 03/15/02
  Take Slow, Deep Breaths For A Few Minutes. It Relaxes Your Blood Vessels 03/15/02
  Swedish Study Shows That Women Get More Depressive From Marital Stress Than From Work Dissatisfaction 03/15/02
  UM Study Finds Stressed Out HIV+ Women Are At Risk For Genital Herpes Outbreaks 03/15/02
  Stress, Depression And Heart Disease In Women - Is It Family, Work Or Both? 03/15/02
  Absence Of Father In The Home Related To More Disability Days In Children 03/15/02
  Columbia University Study Shows That Breast-Feeding May Reduce The Risk Of Depression After Childbirth 03/15/02
  Quit Rate Of Sick Smokers More Than Doubles When Referred To Counseling Program 03/15/02
  Study Shows That Journalling May Compensate For Negative Social Interactions In Cancer Patients 03/14/02
  Does Unemployment Lead To Ill Health? Results From A Panel Study In Finland, 1989/90-1997 03/14/02
  German Study Shows That Age-Old Buddhist Practice Can Alleviate Chronic Pain 03/14/02
  Educating Managers Changes Psychic Energy In Employees?!! 03/14/02
  Study Finds A Relationship Between Bedtimes And Stress Hormones In Third Grade Girls 03/14/02
  Anger, Anxiety And Physical Stress Precipitate Ventricular Arrhythmias In Patients At Hi Risk 03/14/02
  UM Study Finds Relationship Between Sleep And Stress Hormone Production In Breast Cancer Patients 03/13/02
  How Much CPAP Is "Enough" For Patients With Sleep Apnea? 03/13/02
  Plasma IL-6 as a Mediator of Symptoms of Depression and Physical Function in Congestive Heart Failure Patients 03/13/02
  Hormonal Responses To Mental And Pharmacological Stressors Are Under Genetic Load 03/13/02
  Stress Reactivity Of The HPA Axis Is Linked To Disease Activity In Patients With Allergic Rhinitis 03/13/02
  Genetic Contribution To The Tracking Of Blood Pressure: 10-Year Follow-Up Study Of Adolescent Dutch Twins 03/13/02

  Title Released
  Preterm Birth And Low Birth Weight Are Associated With Decreased Cortisol Levels Later In Life 03/10/01
  Genes Identified That May Be Related To Elevations In Blood Pressure At Rest And During Stress 03/10/01
  Carnegie Mellon Study Shows Some People Are More Likely Than Others To Catch A Cold When Stressed 03/10/01
  Altered Physiological Stress Responses In Patients With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 03/10/01
  Are Panic Attacks Bad For Your Heart? 03/10/01
  American Psychosomatic Society To Host Debate On Psychological Factors And Health 03/09/01
  "Emotional Complexity: A Framework For Integrating Affect Science And Psychosomatic Medicine." 03/09/01
  Attachment Theory - Developmental Contributions To Stress And Disease 03/09/01
  The Nature Of Social Support Or What Makes The Body Benefit From A Friend In Stressful Situations 03/09/01
  New Carnegie Mellon Study Says That Being Popular Can Be Harmful To Your Health 03/09/01
  Sex Differences In The Language Of Pain: A Hierarchical Cluster Analysis 03/09/01
  Symposium Links Stress, Lack Of Support And Hostility With Worsening HIV Disease 03/08/01
  Study Shows Depression Is A Predictor Of Survival After Heart Transplantation 03/08/01
  Study Shows Breast Cancer Patients Live Longer The Larger Their Support Network 03/08/01
  Duke Researchers Show That Sedentary Behavior May Be The Link Between Depression And Low Heart Rate Variability 03/08/01
  Do Vacations And Weekends Make You Feel Sick? Then It Is Likely That It All Has To Do With Your Personality! 03/08/01
  University Of Pittsburgh Study Shows That Being In An Unhappy Marriage Is Hazardous To Women's Cardiovascular Health 03/08/01
  Group Therapy Helps Patients To Cope With Medically Unexplained Complaints 03/08/01
  Practicing Meditation Can Decrease Body's Response To Stress 03/08/01
  Stress Could Increase Heart Disease Risk In Women 03/08/01
  New Evidence For Modulation Of Psychological Status Following Immunomodulatory Therapy (With Interferon Beta 1b) 03/08/01
  Improvement In Depression Linked To Better Long-Term Survival After Heart Attack 03/08/01
  Harvard Study Finds Health Behaviors Adversely Affected By Divorce And Widowhood 03/08/01
  Patients With Psoriasis Have Altered Immune Function And Catecholamine Responses 03/08/01
  Men And Women Are Similar During Recovery From Heart Surgery 03/08/01
  Heart Rate Variability And Depression In Patients With A Recent Acute Myocardial Infarction 03/08/01
  Depression Associated With Poor Outcome After CABG 03/08/01
  To Be Or Not To Be Together? That Is The Health Question 03/08/01
  Swedish Study Shows That Babies Have Lower Birth Weight When Their Mothers Perceive A High Level Of Stress During Pregnancy And Are Underweight Prior To Pregnancy 03/07/01
  Event: Workshop And Symposium On Emotions In Health At The American Psychosomatic Society 59th Annual Scientific Meeting 03/02/01

  Title Released
  Belgian Study Shows Sufferers From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Cfs) And Fibromyalgia To Be Frequently Victimized 04/03/00
  Religion, Spirituality And Your Health 03/04/00
  Stress, Denial, Lack Of Social Support And High Cortisol Speeds Progression To AIDS 03/03/00
  U.T.M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Study Shows That Social Support Buffers The Immune Suppressing Effects Of Stress In Cancer Patients Receiving Vaccine Treatment 03/03/00
  Study Suggests Gastric Bypass Surgery Is Effective For Over A Decade With Few Mental And Physical Health Costs 03/03/00
  Pain Control Hormones Reduced In Severe PMS 03/03/00
  Does Heart Disease Kill Sex Life? 03/03/00
  Low Religious Ties Linked To Elevated Blood Pressure Responses In Black Men 03/03/00
  UAB Study Shows Ethnic Differences In Pain Sensitivity 03/03/00
  Toronto Follow-Up Study Of Psychotherapy For Hiv-Related Concerns Finds That Patients Continue To Improve After Therapy Is Complete 03/03/00
  Breast-Feeding Helps Mothers Recover From Stress 03/03/00
  Depression May Increase Severity Of Physiological Symptoms In Anxiety Patients 03/03/00
  Study Finds That Depression After Bypass Surgery Raises Risk Of Future Heart Problems 03/02/00
  Breast Cancer Group Increases Use Of Complementary Treatments 03/02/00
  UA Study Finds African Americans Who Express Their Anger Constructively Have Lower Daytime Blood Pressure 03/02/00
  Stressful Days Related To Bad Night's Sleep 03/02/00
  UM Study Finds Stress Related To Immune Decline And Pre-Cancerous Cervical Lesions 03/02/00
  Study Identifies Psychological Predictor Of Stress-Induced Asthma 03/02/00
  Taking Annual Vacations May Save Your Life 03/01/00
  Husbands Beware - Garlic Doesn't Only Repel Vampires! 03/01/00
  UT Study Shows Hopeless Feelings Predict Mortality In The Elderly 03/01/00
  UT MDACC/UT Houston Medical School Study Shows That Exam Stress Affects Cellular Ability To Repair Damaged DNA 03/01/00
  Marital Stress Increases And Worsens The Prognosis In Women With Heart Diseasee 03/01/00
  UT Study Shows Forgiveness Linked To Lower Blood Pressure 03/01/00
  Stress Management Helps To Maintain The Immune System Of Hiv+ Men 03/01/00

  Title Released
  Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sexual Dysfucntion But Were Afraid To Ask 03/20/99
  Review Of Research Shows Impact Of Ethnicity On Responses To Stress, Medical Treatment 03/20/99
  Quality Of Life Changes Meaning For People Who Have A Serious Illness 03/20/99
  How Relationships Impact Heart Health 03/20/99
  Meditation Chills Out Stressed Teenagers 03/20/99
  Stress And Immunity In Seniors- Harmful And Protective Factors? 03/19/99
  "Gut Feelings" Controls Human Emotion 03/19/99
  Stress And Immunity In Seniors - Are There Protective Factors 03/19/99
  International Symposium: Can Psychological Stress Cause Sudden Cardiac Death? 03/19/99
  Anger, Hostility May Contribute To Abdominal Obesity In Women 03/19/99
  Study Finds Greater Medical Care Use By People With Greater Depressive Symptoms 03/19/99
  Violent Video Games Could Pose Health Problems 03/19/99
  Stressed At Work? Don't Reach For The Caffeine 03/19/99
  Genetic Risk Information Distorted By Majority Of Patients 03/19/99
  Depression Predicts Mortality In People Who Are Receiving The Best Known Treatments For Prevention Of Sudden Cardiac Death 03/19/99
  Hurt Me Now, Hurt Me Later 03/19/99
  Fetal Heart Rate Influenced By Maternal Stress And Anxiety, Columbia University Study Shows 03/18/99
  Friendships Important To The Health Of Lower Income People 03/18/99
  Depression Medication May Also Guard Against Heart Disease 03/18/99
  High Anxiety Reduces Likelihood Of Pregnancy In In-Vitro Fertilization Trials 03/18/99
  Children As Young As 8 May Show Several Risk Factors For Cardiovascular Disease, Say Pitt Researchers 03/18/99
  What Kinds Of Psychosomatic Factors Have Intimate Relation With The Onset Of Human Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? 03/18/99
  Can Your Spouse Affect Your Blood Pressure? 03/18/99
  Reducing Psychological Distress After Heart Attack May Improve Prognosis 03/18/99
  Experts Debate Whether The Blues Can Break Your Heart 03/17/99
  Improving Mood May Also Improve The Immune System In People With Multiple Sclerosis 03/17/99
  Hormone Involved In Breast-Feeding Linked To Increased Relaxation And Lower Blood Pressure In New Moms 03/17/99
  Payment For Body Parts Is Not A Deciding Factor In Organ Donation 03/17/99
  Australian Study Suggests That Avoiding Migraine Triggers May Increase Sensitivity To The Triggers 03/17/99
  UMBC Study Shows That Peripheral Arterial Disease Relates To Poorer Cognitive Performance 03/17/99
  UNC Study Ties Hormone Replacement To Blood Pressure Reduction In Older Women With Hypertension 03/17/99

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