Michael T. Bailey, PhD

Dr. Michael Bailey completed his Master's of Science degree in microbiology with Dr. Mark Lyte where he studied the impact of neuroendocrine hormones on bacterial growth in the intestines. This early experience led Dr. Bailey to pursue PhD training with Dr. Christopher Coe at the University of Wisconsin where he studied the impact of early life stress on the gastrointestinal microbiota of rhesus monkeys. After postdoctoral training in neuroendocrine immunology with Dr. John Sheridan, Dr. Bailey obtained a faculty position at the Ohio State University where he is currently an Associate Professor of Pediatrics. His research is focused on the role of the gut microbiota in maintaining health or exacerbating disease during stressful periods. He is particularly interested in understanding how commensal gut microbes can enhance inflammatory responses in the intestines, as well as in systemic sites like the spleen, during periods of stress. He is also interested in understanding the mechanisms by which probiotics and prebiotics may prevent the deleterious effects of stressor exposure on the immune system, as well as on the brain and behavior.