Dr. Lloyd Kasper

Lloyd H Kasper, MD

Dr. Lloyd Kasper is a Professor of Immunology/Microbiology and Medicine at Geisel School of Medicine where he has been actively involved in basic and applied immunology supported by research grants from the National Institutes of Health, March of Dimes, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and industry. He established and directed the Dartmouth MS Center for over 20 years. His basic research interests are related to understanding immunopathogenesis of CNS demyelinating disease, the role of specific immune regulatory populations in disease control and the role of the gut microbiome in CNS demyelination. Dr. Kasper has authored over 175 research and clinical articles related to these interests. He has been the primary organizer for several Keystone Symposia most recently the Microbiome: Effector/Regulatory Networks. When not doing science at Dartmouth, Kasper can be found painting in his studio in Taos, New Mexico.